Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 in Review

Many times when we are in the midst of changing the change is so slight that we forget how much really IS changing. I’m like this frequently and honestly it isn’t a good thing.
I’m really hard on myself and forget that once I’ve reached a goal that I should take at least a little bit of time and reflect on that particular goal and really relish what I’ve done so far.

So as we are now in 08 and I thought what a great time to do just that. Reflect on where I have come from before I start the next chapter of my journey.

Total weight lost 38.6 pounds
Total inches lost 41
Obtained WW lifetime status August 08
Ran first 5K August 08 in 36 minutes, placed 4th in my age group
WW receptionist September 08
PNP moderator September 08
WW leader October 08
Ran first half marathon December 08 in 2 hours and 34 minutes

I know I have so many others that I can’t even measure. My level of confidence has increased, my knowledge of health and fitness has improved friendships have grown and people’s lives that I have touched for the positive are all examples of immeasurable progress.
Most of these things I did without even having a plan, can you imagine what we can do if we actually sketch out our goals and actually work towards them!