Monday, April 30, 2007

What about me?

I thought of this the other day when I was ready to toss away my workout for something that my son wanted to do. His could have been done later but I'm always so quick to put myself last and everyone else first. This message again, hit home when another Phattie (my little Nikki) said she didn't want to disappoint everyone else.
Between these two events I've come to realize that we are very prone, especially women, to be the givers, nuturers and caretakers of everyone and everything. Most of would be up at 2am baking cupcakes for "Little Johnny" or sewing "Precious Susie's" costume for the party and not even think twice. But take an hour of time to take care of ourselves first. I don't think so, Tim.
Now, I'm not saying to be selfish, well maybe just a little. Take time for yourself, love yourself the same way that you would your family members. What I'm doing for myself will inturn make me a better mother, wife and friend.
This post is written specifically to myself as it really hits home. If you know me, you know that I seldom put myself first and would run to the edge of the world for anyone else. I'm proud that during the last three months I have dedicated myself to have a minimum of 1 hour a day to me and for me.
And in the words of Toby Keith "What about me?"

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Don't be a gerbil

Today was a beautiful day in NE Indiana. This doesn't happen too often and lately it has been a rarity. As early as Easter weekend it was snowing and below freezing temps and between that and the down pouring of rain I have been hard pressed to get outside for some physical activity.
Yesterday I did a 50 minute Intermediate cardio routine and only burned a few hundred calories. Very depressing when I think that I worked out for 50 minutes and even increased my pace. So today, since the weather was perfect, I laced up my walking shoes and headed out for a walk. I live in the country so a block usually equals four miles but today I went a different route and ended up walking 6.5 miles in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The end result was over 500 calories burned, some fresh air and pink cheeks.
Walking outdoors is an excellent activity and will work your body in ways that a treadmill or elliptical can't. You will have the curves of the road to deal with as well as slight inclines here and there and if you live where it is hilly you might even get a few hills in. All of these changes help our bodies to work in ways that we can't get from the gym plus it just makes me feel better emotionally,
So, instead of running on a treadmill like a gerbil, get outside, grab your dog, child, or significant other and go for a walk. You might even smell some roses along the way.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Workout hard/eat right and play!

I don't have much in the way of words of wisdom today but wanted to make sure that I remember that I workout hard daily, eat right everyday, or at least try and today spent some time playing.
I've learned how to quilt in the last year and a half and today spent the day sewing with some other ladies.
I did start out my day right with a 50 minute Intermediate Cardio routine and then headed over to the function.
I stopped at Subway and got a wrap with some apples for my lunch which kept me from eating out with the other ladies but that wasn't such a bad thing.
I took my snack of water and some jerkey and enjoyed it during a break in the afternoon. The rest of the time was spent sewing and laughing.
How wonderful to go and enjoy a day with other people that have the same interests as I do and know that I could 'play' just as hard as I do the other things in my life.
Life is good.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Math and Weight Loss

Now I'm sure you have really thought that perhaps this woman has lost her mind. How on earth could these two items have anything in common, other than counting calories "in" versus calories "out" or figuring out how many more oreo cookies you could eat right?
I was talking with a fellow client the other day who was very upset about her choices that day. She said how hard she was on herself and that she really just wanted to snap her fingers and be finished with her weightloss goals.
I think most of America can relate to that, otherwise, the diet industry wouldn't make a killing off us for the pills, potions and lotions that could get us there.
However, I started thinking about my son, now almost 20, and his math classes. Now, Adam, is very smart when it comes to math. He can look at multiple digits and multiply, subtract, add, you name it and come up with the correct answer. All without a piece of paper. However, he would continually "fail" or be marked down for not showing his work. I explained to him, that it wasn't so much the end result that the teacher cared about, but the process and how he got there. Yes, the correct answer was important but if he could show the teacher how he got there then she KNEW that he understood the concept and the error in the answer might just be a silly mistake.
Our weight loss journey and road to a healthy life style is akin to this. Yes, we all want the end result of a size, 8,6,2, 150 lbs, what ever it might be. But the journey or the "showing of the work" is more important. If we truly understand the process and can do it time after time then we have no other alternative than to be sucessful or get the right answer. Taking each day and each choice and really looking at it is important and going slowly will establish the habits needed to be triumphant.
Are you showing your work?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Little Engine that Could

No movie parodies today but how about a childhood favorite book!
We all know that the little railroad engine was only supposed to move cars around the station yard right? But, the little girls and boys on the otherside of the mountain were expecting a load of toys and good food for them to eat. None of the bigger and stronger engines would even attempt the mountain as it was too hard and too steep to climb. But, the little engine decided that the people on the otherside of the mountain needed the items and that he would help get them there. Of course, all of the bigger engines laughed knowing that even THEY couldn't complete that feat!
"I think I can," puffed the little locomotive, and put itself in front of the great heavy load. As it went on, the little engine kept bravely puffing faster and faster, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."
Then as it neared the top of the grade, that had so discouraged the larger engines, it went more slowly, but still kept saying, "I--think--I--can, I--think--I--can." It reached the top by brave effort and then went on down the grade, congratulating itself, "I thought I could, I thought I could."
Our journey through life is alot like this story. So many people or obstacles get in our way and say to us that they couldn't complete the task so certainly we cannot as well. They are almost upset when we decide to take on the challenge of something new and will do anything to make sure that we don't suceed.
Did you notice that as the engine neared the peak that he could not go faster but he had to go slower and bear down in order to obtain the pinnacle and kept telling himself "I think I can".
We have to do the same thing; believe in ourselves and as the struggle gets more difficult and intense, fearlessly and confidently embrace it so we can blossom and conquer.
"I KNOW I CAN" What about you?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stuck in a rut?

Sorry folks but I can't come up with a movie to go with this title. I guess I'm not too creative tonight.
Have you ever been stuck in a rut? no really, with your car or truck, bike anything? Think about it, the tires of your vehicle are in this ditch impression, it is'nt really THAT deep but deep enough that if you just put on the gas, your tires spin and spin and you go no where. But, if you slowly put the gas on and get a little rocking back and forth motion going you can get out of the rut and back on top.
I've been in a rut for the last couple of days or week. I've been working out harder and harder, watching my eating and yet my brain was just not on board. I was feeling like I couldn't continue this journey and basically having a "pity party". Today I talked with my PT and she said just to stop doing cardio after my weight session for the remainder of the week and we would go from there.
It was amazing after she said that a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders and I felt as if everything would be okay.
I had my leg day today and knew that I didn't have to do the cardio routine but I thought I'll just try it and if it doesn't work, I'll stop. You know, I finished that workout and felt great!
If you get in a rut, look for something or someone that helps you slowing move yourself out of it and get back on top. This is where your support network will come into place. But if you ever need someone and don't feel you have a person, drop me a line.
Are you in a rut?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monsters Inc.

Okay, Okay, you are wondering, what are earth now is this woman thinking. Yesterday she was on a "What about Bob" kick and today a children's flick, Monsters, Inc?
Just bear with me a few and I think we will find a correlation or at least in my strange head, I will ;)

In the movie Monsters, Inc. two monsters believe that a small child is toxic to them and struggle to avoid any such contact. However, fate has brought them together and after time realize that she is of no danger to them and they actually come to love and protect the small child.

Change in our life, especially when it pertains to good eating and an exercise plan can seem toxic. It is scary, it is different, it may be something we have never seen, tried, tasted or even attempted to do. However, if we "baby step" our way closer to the change we begin to embrace the change and see the benefits it bring us. We learn that the change wasn't so bad after all and that maybe, just maybe it is good and that we should love and protect it.

Embrace your change, it may not be a Monster after all.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby Steps

If you have ever watched the movie, "What about Bob" you will understand this concept completely. In the movie a very neurotic Bill Murray goes to a psychiatrist and needs helps with just about every aspect of his life. The smart psychiatrist gives the patient a copy of his book and tells him that he needs to take "baby steps" Baby step to the door, baby step to the elevator. With this approach the man is able to go through his daily life's activities.

With this thought in mind, we need to approach our life style changes. We cannot change our diet, our exercise plan, our family, our thoughts all in one felled swoop. We need to look at each aspect and take it a "baby step" at a time. After we conquer one portion we can baby step to the next and slay that dragon. Before you know it the entire process will seem natural and success will be ours.

This thought is written especially to and for my friend Tammi who is beginning her own Phit and Phabulous transformation. I know it can be a bit scary but we will "Baby Step" through it together.

What is your next baby step?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Food is for fuel first

Over the past weekend I've really started to know and understand that food is fuel for my body. I need certain types of food for it to run efficiently and I need it on a schedule.

My son and I went shopping yesterday and I had eaten my standard oatmeal and eggs in the morning before my workout. I had an Atkins bar a few hours later for my mid morning snack. I'm sure like clock work at 12:30 my tummy was growling saying feed me. I knew we had a few more things to do so I needed to stop and get some 'fuel'.

This had the potential of being a difficult situation. Lots of things available some more convient than others. Austin and I made our way to Panera Bread, his favorite for the broccoli soup. I chose Black Bean soup and a whole grain baguette. This was a great choice and in no time at all my tummy was feeling full and satisfied and ready for the rest of the day.

Don't forget whether you are eating at home, someone elses house or on the road. Fuel your body with good choices and allow it to continue to take good care of you.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Loving to workout?

This phrase is sort of an oxymoron. Do people really LOVE to workout or do they just do it because they have too. Well before today, I was doing it because I needed to. But today, for some reason, I just really enjoyed my workout. It wasn't due to stress, it wasn't due to knowing I needed to burn extra calories off either. It was a true and real joy as I did it.

Today was my arms and chest workout. Lots of curls with weights, pushups and spider crawls. Yes, spider crawls, don't you remember crawling like a spider at four years of age, well try doing it at 40, well almost 40!

I really valued and respected the feeling of the burn as I did my curls and I felt so empowered as I put down the 12 pound weight and lifted up the 15 and was able to complete my sets with more weight than what I thought I could do. It was rewarding to know that my two arms and two legs could carry me down the hallway as I did my spiderwalk.

As I finished the workout with my cardio and started thinking about the last hour of my time, I realized that I truly to pleasure in this experience today and this for sure is a mental transformation.

Are you loving your workout or just going through the motions?
Eat healthy and stay strong.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Woman, her scale and hormones

is kinda like Baseball, Hotdogs and apple pie. They just go together right?
Today was my WW night and I went into the night knowing that last yesterday I was up 2 lbs. Now, this could be a moment to cry in my coffee or buck up. I stepped on the scale and to my surprise was only up .4 lbs. This is like two sticks of butter folks. Now, it is two sticks of butter that I would prefer are not there but in the grand scheme of 20 lbs it really isn't that much.

As I sat down to listen to the meeting I started to look at my journal from the past week. I was on target, I exercised perfectly and my only little hiccups were my two weekend night meals. Not too disasterous.

But, my TOM is now 7 days past due (no not preggers either) and besides the daily break down of tears that is brought on by the current events of the VT murders, a son who brought home and F in English and the fact that I forgot to buy dog food, bloated stomach and everything else that goes with it. I'm just fine; really I'm fine. (sob, sob)

I KNOW I'm doing things right and can see it in every post that I write to my PTregarding activity and to the journal that I post all of my food choices. As my PT says, no one gets fat by eating healthy and being active and I have been both for the last week.

So, what do we do to get through these types of let downs. I think, it is just to buck up. As with many things that are negative that happen we have choices to make. Be sad or use the saddness/anger for something good. I'm committing to myself now that the next 7 days will be as healthy as the last 7 have been. I know that this will change and I can't wait to see the huge loss that I will have next week.
Continue to eat healthy and workout hard. The rest will follow.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stress & Food can equal failure or...

Stress and exercise can equal sucess!

Stress - difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension or (physics) force that produces strain on a physical body.

If I look at both of these definitions, the same word can mean two different things.

Today was a stressful day for me. Normally, I have a very simple job and little stress but when things go bad, then tend to head south rather quickly. Today we were going south on a New York Subway; never have been on one but I think they go fast :)

It ocurred to me that I had a choice. I could be heading for that vending machine to find something that I really didn't want nor did I need or I could go out into the warehouse and walk. Thank goodness I chose the walk. I even walked an extra 1/4 mile to make sure I was good an unstressed when I returned. I actually did this twice today and although I normally take walks daily in the warehouse today I walked with a vengence and with intention. My intention was to make sure that when I got back to the office that my "stress" was gone.
The physical "stress" on my body was releasing those great little endorphines or natural pain killers that make us feel happy, secure and less "stressed"
So the next time you feel the stress is getting to you, grab your sneakers and put some extra stress on your body in a phsycial fashion. It will do you good.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Fitter I get the hard I have to work

I have done an Intermediate Cardio routine two times in the last week. I'm quickly noticing that the fitter I get the harder I have to work in order maintain or exceed my previous workouts. It is frustrating on the one side as I love hitting that 500+ calorie burn mark and feel if I don't that somehow I just haven't given my all. However, I know, especially on these cardio routines that it isn't about getting that burn calorie burn but what my heart rate is doing. That I see improving greating. When I start I would have an average heart rate in the low 130 mark and the highs maybe in the 150. Now, I'm getting average heart rates in the low to mid 140 and my highs in the 170. This is a good thing. The heart is getting strong and I'm able to sustain my heart rate for a longer period of time.
I think I'm learning that getting fit is one thing but staying there will be another and continuing to challenge my body in new and better ways even another.
Don't forget, your heart is a muscle too. Work it hard.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lift hard and be proud of your fitness level

Just wanted to let everyone know how my experience was today with the new gym. I really have been fretting about how was I going to do this, by myself, with all these men around grunting and their heavy weights and me crawling on the floor or walking around like a spider. It was rather scary. I will tell you. I think I'm going to be getting some respect and well deserved, if I might add.
My first day was a back and shoulder day. I need to get a camera because with a full length mirror, I got me some muuusscccles! I asked one guy if he could help me with the "Cable Pull Throughs" and he said he had no clue what that was. He kinda watched me and asked me what it was working. I told him I was feeling it in my back area. I lifted 60 lbs too. On my lat pull downs I was lifting 70 and the man before me only had it on 50 and he was in a good shape. I will tell you I bear crawled with pride and pop squatted my _ SS off. When I did my DB I was by the guys lifting big weights and I really pushed it. I'm super proud and if anyone has this feeling of intimidation just put your chin up and chest out and remember you are a Phit n Phat women not a little girl.
Eat healthy and lift hard.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We all fall down but must get back up.

My day yesterday started great but didn't end on such a positive note.
1/2 c EB, 1/2 C oatmeal (4pts)
Of to the gym by 8:15 as DH had to work and I figured it was a good thing to get the workout done. I did the 50 min Intermediate cardio workout and although I did burn as many calories as I have in the past it was still in the high four hundres so not bad.
EAS shake after w/o (2pts)
Of to Walmart for shopping
Lunch: salad greens, tuna, 1T dressing, soy crisps (5.5)
Snack: Hummus, carrots, banana (3.5pts)
I had dinner all planned ready to go. DH comes home and decides he wants hamburgers from the new drive that just opened, it is seasonal. Three times I told him not a problem, I'll cook, started getting ready to cook and no, that is what he wants. So I decided, okay. one burger won't kill me. He comes home with burger, plain and ONION RINGS! What do I do.... eat them, but of course. I have no clue what point value the rest of my day was due to this big whoops! Now, in the middle of the night at about 2am, my tummy is just in turmoils. I even told John. No more fired stuff, the burger would have been fine but I just cannot have that fried food. I'm sure the grease was the killer. So I guess I have to feel sick every now and then to remind myself that I just cannot eat like I used to and it really isn't worth feeling like I will throw-up at 2am.
Back to a normal eating schedule today and I'll be sure to get at least 30 minutes on my NT today to burn that gunk out of my system. Just a little lesson for all. If you have something planned stick with it no matter what. I could have told DH specifically, hamburger only and nothing else. I just didn't think about the fact that he would bring all of that to me and I could have chosen to not eat them too.
Make a conscience choice to eat healthy.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I am an example for others

I had a very inspiring experience in the gym last night .
I was at the gym tonight and had to complete two 20 min cardio workout from Corinne's Phabulous directory. I was finishing my HIIT routine and was sweating like a pig! A person cannot burn 625 calories in 40 minutes and walk out looking like she is Miss America!
I was getting ready to leave and entered the locker room. A young lady, about my age (see how I say young) asked me if I liked the elliptical. Now, this is a loaded question and I can feel it coming. I love the elliptical because I know what it does for me but ask me at HIIT number 7 with 13 more to go and you may get a different answer. I'm sure you all know what I mean.
I told her as such and she asked what I was doing. Did I program the machine like that, how many calories did I burn, etc. So I started explaining to her about HIIT and of course she came back with the fact that perhaps my HR shouldn't be that high and what about working in the "fat burning" zone, etc. I chatted some more with her and was very proud that I could give some good, factual information. We had the "One pound of muscle does NOT weight more than one pound of fat" conversation as well. She said that she would love to continue to talk with me but that she had to run off to work. I also told her about Corinne and everything that she had done for me and told her I would bring her more information on Monday.
I left feeling very proud. People are watching me as I am working out and I need to be prepared with the knowledge and power to help others in their journey's as well. It was a bit intimidating but felt great at the same time.
Knowledge is power!

Friday, April 13, 2007

What is 20 lbs

Last night was my WW weigh night and I'm so excited to report that I have lost 20 lbs. 20.4 lbs to be exact. I made my 10% goal too which was 19 lbs as well.
What would you think if someone asked you to carry around four, five pound bags of flour, or 6+ coffee cans, or how about a 20 lb turkey! What if they told you that you need to lay down on a bed and have those 20 pounds sitting on your chest all night? Would you do it, could you do it?
Many of us are walking around with 20 or more extra pounds on our bodies and putting undue and unnecessary stress on ourselves. Yet, we would never consider taking on the extra burden if someone asked to do it.
What has been my key to success this far, I was asked. My answer really has been simple. Exercise, move, get out and enjoy your kids and your life's surroundings. It doesn't need to be drastic just more than what you are doing now. Also, eat well. Feed your body good things that it needs. Just like you would feed your car and maintain it with proper fuel and oil. Our bodies, need good fruits, vegis, protein and whole grains.
I can guarantee that if you follow these couple of simple requests that you too in a short amount of time will not have that extra sitting on your chest or shoulders.

Be happy and eat healthy.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Temptations are everywhere

Yesterday I had to go to the grocery store to pickup some fresh product. While perusing the store I came across the dreaded "sale Easter candy". I will admit that I looked at the candy, picked up the candy and actually "fondled" the bag. It felt so good, it looked good and I'm sure would have tasted good. But, I put it down. Then I ran across those darn candy bars that call to me as I choose my checkout line. (I think they have less cashiers in the store just so I will buy more waiting in line) I actually picked up this candy bar and carried it for a couple of isles. However, I was also looking for a healthy magazine to read and started thinking that the cashier would certainly notice the candy and the health magazine and call the police, knowing that the two should not be purchased together. So I quickly ditched the candy bar, grabbed three packs of Extra sugar free gum, promptly opened one and stuffed the gum in my mouth.
I guess what I'm getting at is that we have temptations around us everywhere we go and that if I'm going to continue this journey and be sucessful I need to learn how I will combat them. I don't have any suggestions right now but I guess in this case I'm thankful for the cashier.
Happy healthy eating!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is support really important

I tend to be a VERY and emphasis on VERY independent woman. I don't ask my husband to help with many things and I carry my cross with pride. Now, I'm not saying that this is a good thing all the way around.
I was reading a fellow Phit-n-Phat woman's blog the other day and she talked about how nice her husband was in supporting her during the Easter weekend and the difficulties that she would be facing. As I read this I started to think how important support is during this journey.
We need people to surround us who understand our fitness and eating goals and if they don't understand it to at least help us stay on track and ward off any people who may want to sabotage our efforts. Just as a recovering alcoholic or drug addict has sponsors. We too need sponsors or people in our lives to help us to reach and ascertain our goals.
So with this in mind. Reach out to people around you and ask for their support. Explain to them what you are wanting to do and ask them to help. I know I will be. Starting tonight when I get home!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It really is about a size and not a scale number

Today as I was doing my mid morning walk, it finally dawned on me that this really is about a size or a visual image that I want to see more than a number on a scale. Most of us don't go around with our current weight flashing like a becon on our forhead, right. But, we do look in the mirror and see an image or in essence our size.
Currently, I weigh 178.2 lbs but I'm wearing a size 10 pant. No one sees my weight number but they certainly comment on the fact that I'm loosing weight.
For some strange reason, this time for me, the scale isn't holding a control over me. I figure, if the number moves, it moves. But, those inches gone or a smaller size are like gold. I measure monthly for my trainer and although I love see the pounds go down at my WW meeting, I love even more the inches that are gone from my body.
Remember it is size not a scale number.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Give them good food and they will come (or eat it)

So many times we say. "My kids won't eat this, my kids won't eat that", so instead we buy junk food. Pop tarts, poor nutrional granola bars, sweet cereal and you name it.
However, I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that as I'm weaning myself off of the poor nutritional food and substituting it with healthy food, that my son and yes, even DH are eating it right along with me. Sometimes, even telling me we are out of it.
I couldn't understand how on earth all my yogurt, bananas, apples, protien bars, nuts, etc. were disappearing so quickly. Because I knew that I wasn't eating them. Then the other day DS came and said, "mom we need more almonds and bananas". I about fell out of the chair. Now; one I know where my food is going and two, if I feed him good food and have it available for him, he will eat it.
Happy eating

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Love, Love, Heart Rate monitors

Today I was completing my Chest/Arm workout and then needed to get my cardio in. It was tough. Our weather is horrible and it is just difficult to workout when it is April, Easter weekend and all I see are continuing squalls of snow!
I have Nordic Trak ski machine and that in and of itself can be a challenge. After about 10 minutes I was ready to give up. I stopped, took a drink of water and said, nope finish this. So I did five minutes of HIIT training alternating 30 seconds of hard arms and legs with 30 seconds of just slow legs. Then I continued on through the next five minutes of just legs. As I got closer to my goal of 45 minutes I realized that I was only a few calories away from hitting 600 calories. So I continued on for an additional two minutes just so I could get over that 600 calorie mark.
Now, prior to getting my HRM I would have probably just given up at that ten minute mark and to think that at 10 minutes I had only burned about 230 calories. The heart rate monitor really shows me that putting in the extra time and effort will pay off. If you don't own one, I would highly recommend it as another tool to get yourself to the next level. Each of those little calories adds up.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Water...Liquid Life

Water, it makes up 70-75% of our total body weight and is important for every function of our body, from hydration, lubrication and body temperature maintenance. A human can go many days without food but only a few days without water. So why then do we insist on quenching our bodies with sugary drinks, caffeines or other drinks?
I started thinking about this today, when I was trying to pinpoint why I had not been feeling up to parr for the last few days. I re-read my food diaries and everything seemed to be spot on. Then I really started to think about the water I had been drinking or NOT drinking over the last few days.
It started on Monday after my workout. I normally take a bottle of water with me and drink 20 oz during my workout and fill it again and have it gone before I leave, drinking about 40 oz in an hour. That day I only drank 20 oz during my workout and didn't have any the rest of the evening. Tuesday was no better. Twenty ounces during my cardio and a glass when I got home. Wednesday I worked in a different area at work, was busy and didn't have any water from about 6am until 11am. It is no wonder that I'm suffering a bit at this point as I usually drink anywhere from 64-100 oz per day.
So the next time you are feeling a bit out of sorts don't just look at the food you have or have not eaten, consider what liquid life you are putting into your body and how often then ask yourself. "Where's the water?"

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rest for the weary?

Today is supposed to be my leg workout day and for some strange reason I'm just extremely tired. I have wavered back and forth trying to decide if I go and do a half _ SS job at the workout or "wimp out".
I've been working hard on this exercise program for the last 8 weeks and my most recent measurements showed this in that during the month of March I lost 11 inches. I should be happy about that right? Then why do I feel so down today both emotionally and physically?
I think that during a journey such as this that we have to really learn to listen to our bodies and when they are speaking take the advice. So, with that said, I have decided to let my body have a day of rest and see how I feel tomorrow. The weights and machines will still be there and I will probably have a better workout for it.