Friday, October 9, 2009

What the experience meant to me

A week ago was my last night as a Weight Watcher’s leader. It’s been almost two years at one meeting in particular. It was a bitter sweet moment and one that I wanted to write down and share with all the people that have touched me during the last few years.

I started my weight loss and fitness journey in 2007 with Weight Watchers. I had joined Weight Watchers so many times before. After all, my oldest son will be 22 in November and I was still working on losing the “baby weight”. However, I was determined this time to be fit and fabulous by the time I turned 40. It would be different this time I just knew it and it was! I made my Life Time goal in August of 2007 after loosing about 50 pounds and over 56 inches. I also incorporated running into my life and was training for my first half marathon a feat I never even thought about much less embraced and was actually going to complete.

It was at this time that I knew I had to be part of this organization. I wanted other people to feel the same way that I did. To set and reach goals that before had just been dreams or better yet, accomplish things that they had never even considered doing before.

I won’t forget my first meeting. I even blogged about it.
I was so worried about what people would think about me and if I could really get the meeting plan prepared and articulate it accurately. I had so much to teach them.

As the time passed we talked about so many things, moving more, planning, motivation and everyone’s favorite “Fat Girl/Guy Thinking”. Weight Watchers calls it Automatic Negative Thoughts but I like the other term better.

Last night as I finished the meeting, I had so many people come to me and tell me what a blessing or inspiration I had been. However, they don’t realize what a blessing and motivation they have been to and for me. You have helped me work through several of my own issues by talking about your own struggles. You have taught me to share more about myself and you have taught me to reach for stars that were not even in sight two years ago.

I will cherish and care about each individual that I have met along the way. Some reached their weight goals other have not reached their weight goal but have learned and reached other goals that will help them along their journey. I’m so honored to have been able to be a part of each person’s life as they allowed me just an hour of their week to work towards becoming the person they know they can be.