Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We are what we eat and

We have heard so many sayings like this. Our bodies are like a computer or a fine tuned machine. Junk in junk out. The computer is only as good as the data that is entered. We could list a half dozen of these types of sayings.
But, have you ever thought about what you think about yourself and the attitude that you have towards this entire journey. I will guarantee you my friend if you think positive thoughts; positive outcome is what you will get.

I read this story the other day and just find it so telling of some people and perhaps even ourselves, if we are willing to admit it.

Two farmers lived in a town. One negative, the other positive, the positive farmer would thank God for the rain and watering of the crops. The negative farmer would complain that if it kept raining the roots would rot and they would never have a harvest.

The sun would shine and the positive farmer would thank God for the sunshine as it provided vitamins and minerals the plants needed and was confident in a prosperous harvest. Mr. Negative farmer crabbing the sun would scorch the plants and how on earth would they survive.

One day the two farmers set out to goose hunt together. The positive farmer brining is new hunting dog. Before long shots rang out and the positive farmer gestured to his dog and told the other farmer to “watch this”. The dog jumped out of the boat and ran on top of the water, picked up the goose and ran back to the boat onto of the water, jumped into the boat and laid the goose at his master’s feet. The positive farmer was beaming with delight and looked at the negative farmer asking what did he think? The negative farmer shook his head in disgust and replied “Just what I thought, that dog can’t even swim!”

Is this you right now? Are you the negative farmer that just doesn’t see the good in anything that you are doing? You only see the reasons that you can’t eat healthy, the reason that you don’t have time for exercise, perhaps even thoughts of the fact that you don’t deserve to be fit and healthy.
Stay focused on the positive things that are happening and you will be more inclined to repeat those as you move closer to your ultimate goal. Look at the energy you are gaining, the clothes fitting loser. Perhaps your blood pressure has decreased or you have been able to change medications. All of these are positive strides you are making and are moving you towards your ultimate goal.

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gingersfit said...

Kathleen -- have you heard the phrase "reading my spiritual mail"? I think you've been doing that to me! While I try to focus on the positive and look at the big picture, I've been discouraged over the past couple of weeks with the up and down weight loss. I know that's not in my control, but my eating on or off plan and my exercise sessions are.

I work hard not to focus on the scale, but I've been doing that too ... while I know I'm feeling healthier and more energetic and I'm starting to feel little muscles in my arms, I also look at those numbers and get disappointed.

I'm going to focus this week on the positive things I've already achieved (over 20 pounds weight loss in 13 weeks) and the things I can control (what goes in my mouth and how much I exercise) and I'm going to remain positive that the only way this will fail is if I quit.