Monday, August 20, 2007

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

We all remember this from the Snow White movie where the wicked witch would ask who was the fairest one of all. I'm sure the perception that she had of herself was one of perfection and pure beauty. She was fine until the mirror told her otherwise. However, I think that deep down somehow she had the "thinking" part right. She may not have been the nicest or the prettiest in comparison to Snow White but she did have a high self esteem. This comes from how she saw herself.
How do you see yourself, healthy, happy, physically able, determined, or do you see a an unhealthy, sad and debilitated individual who knows that he or she will not be able to complete or perhaps even start this journey?
We must learn how to throw down the negatives and and begin to see ourselves as the kitten in the picture does. We need to have a winning attitude that tells us we can overcome anything and face this with the ferocity of the lion.
The image that we need to see is one of power, stealth and tenacity. One of cunningness to be able to overcome the quickness of the world around us as we answer its negativity with that of firm belief in ourselves.
Look into the mirror today and tell me what you see. Look deeply, not what is on the first reflection of the mirror but what is in deeper and further down.
Mirror, mirror on the wall... who's the fairest one of all.

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