Thursday, October 11, 2007

Impossible Dream

From the musical “Man of LaMancha” comes the timeless song the Impossible Dream. Here is a link to the words if you don’t know them or need a refresher.'Toole/impossibledream-lyrics.htm

In the lyrics we here of someone reaching out and perhaps never obtaining their final quest in life, they continue on that even if they don’t they will still leave this world being a better person for having at least tried.

Goals and dreams are so important and trying to writing them out on paper for us to look at and review even more important. Once we have them on paper we can look at them, make a plan on how to obtain them and go forth with conviction as we execute that plan. Sometimes those goals become or so we think impossible. It might be to an unforeseen event or a distressing time in our life. We cannot just give up on those goals during those tough times; we have to change our action plan instead.

In our health, weight loss and fitness journey we will have many dreams and many obstacles that try and get in the way. We must not let those obstacles keep up from continuing to strive for our “Impossible Dream”
Take a moment to write your Impossible Dream and when something comes up that seems it will keep you from obtaining it, how will you change your action steps so that you can still get there?

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