Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Official Now

I'm so excited that I'm officially a Weight Watchers leader. I did my Basic Leadership training course over four days this past week. It was so intense and brought to light quite a few personal issues I still have myself. I'm a constant Picasso, ever evolving.

It brought me to think about what happens to us when we finally think we have "reached the top" the pinnacle of our efforts. I ran across this quote that said "When you reach the top, keep climbing". Isn't this true, we shouldn't stop we shouldn't just say, Oh well I'm done guess there is nothing more to do.

Constantly challenging ourselves both physically and mentally will help us continue this lifestyle with all the fervor and vigor that we had when we started. Do you remember that feeling, excited about how you would get through the next day, so happy with the weight or inches you lost or the great decision you made about forgoing some unhealthy choice.

Now that we are physically able to be more active we should be searching for things to do. How about enter a race, walk or run, ride a bike, take a hike that you never could have before. Just live in the new found moment and body that you have.

Keep climbing and when you think you have reached the top, look higher.