Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Patterns of our Journey

“To understand is to perceive patterns” Isaiah Berlin

Have you ever looked at quilt, checker board or anything that has a pattern and thought, WOW, that isn’t right, or perhaps you felt it was a complicated pattern but when you step back the entire picture just works. It works because of the pattern. It might not be something that you understand but the artist or whoever put it there, because it works for them. Others might or might not “get it”

Our eating and exercise lifestyle has a pattern and when we understand that pattern we will be in more aware of what we are doing.

A great way to figure out your pattern is to:

1. Write down everything you eat and drink and WHEN.

Why you ask does it matter when I eat something. It matters because you need to establish your own unique pattern. You may not be eating enough, you may be eating too frequently and if you don’t really know, then how can you make a correction.

2. Write down how you are feeling and your physical satisfaction when you eat.

You may find that by writing down how you are feeling that you really aren’t hungry. You are reaching for the food because of some other reason. Again, recognize a patter.

3. Make the adjustments as necessary.

Once we have identified the when, what’s and why’s we can make adjustments as necessary.

Finding out pattern and learning to change it when it is necessary is a key to being successful in this journey.

Tell me what you see as your pattern.

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