Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Fish Story

My dad loves to fish. It is one of his favorite things to do. Just the process of getting his poles out and the motor tuned up so he can launch his boat. He used to fish in bass tournaments and thoroughly enjoyed watching all the boats rev there engines and then blast off to the fishermen's favorite or even secret fishing place; the "big one" to catch!

I can hear him talking about the wonderful lures that he would be putting onto each of his five, yes I said, five fishing poles. If one didn't work then he would quickly switch to another one because for sure a Rappala, crank bait or silver do-dad widget was going to do the trick! (What ever happened to a good ole' worm I wonder :)

I sometimes think of the foods that I am tempted with as my own personal bait. It is as if society or many people around me are just trying to bait me into the pizza, beer of course, ice cream, candy, etc. However, I ran across a quote, not sure from whom, that states:

"The taste of the bait aint' worth the pain of the hook".

I'm sure this is very true to the fish when he is being reeled in by the fisherman to spend the next few hours in a live well or perhaps and worse yet ending up on someones plate! I don't want to think of how many hourse and what type of pain I will have to put into the gym or out on the road running for one fleeting taste of food that won't be worth the eventual sting of the gym! For me, I want to carefully look over the tangling hook and determine if this is worth ingesting or better yet something that should be "spit out"!

Sorry dad but I'm rooting for the fish!

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Dawn said...

Kathleen - what a great quote. Man, I needed that last night when I was faced with chips and dip. So true! Now, I am kicking myself b/c I have to work that much harder to burn off those calories, not that mind working hard but the chip and dip really was NOT worth it. I am going to post that comment on my bulletin board at work and my fridge at home.