Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Nestle Quik Bunny said. . .

Patience is a Virtue.

Mmm... I loved chocolate milk growing up and it is a healthy and nutritious snack. It is wonderful after a good hard workout as it provides carbohydrate and protein. So not only was the little bunny smart intellectually but he also chose a nourishing drink.

The Nestle Quick Bunny really wanted to guzzle his milk. He just wanted to finish that glass as fast as he could. He missed savoring the flavor.

We are that way too in our journey. We are so intent on the end result that we forget to savor the journey. Now I’m not saying to take your eye off the prize but, the journey and the living of it, is so full of rewards and lessons that if we skipped it and just got to the end we would be missing some of the most important elements and components. I mean after all, is everything that you are doing really that bad?

We are learning lessons in food selection, variety and mixture, new and expanded exercise regimes and an entire host of personality traits that would never come to the forefront and be recognized. If we never embrace the development and if we just skip to the end without that schooling, we will soon find ourselves back at the beginning wondering and kicking ourselves, asking, how did I get back to square one?
In closing, the reward is in the journey, patience is a virtue and chocolate milk is mm good!

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