Sunday, June 3, 2007

A thought from Buddha

Buddha wrote: "What we think, we become."

It is such a simple statement and yet so profound. We are constantly flooded with images of fit women and the world telling us that this is the image that we want or should be. However, we normally just tell ourselves that we could never be that fit or never could wear those types of clothes and so we don’t.

We continue to live in the same routine and believe the same thoughts about hips being too big, waist to large or thoughts of not being strong enough to complete a race, smart enough to get a promotion or too old to change a career all occupy our reflections. Since we never think we can do or be anything else we reel in our similitude and continue to be unhappy.

However, if we think positive thoughts about ourselves in terms of our physical appearances and our God given abilities we will become these things. We will work hard to create the beautiful, strong and brilliant individual that resides with each one of us.
I am beautiful, smart and strong!

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