Monday, June 18, 2007


Everyone knows this song, but have you actually ever looked or read the lyrics? I’m not sure what the basis was for the song but if you look at the words closely you may have the same thoughts as I do.

In the song she is talking to someone about the fact that she works hard, makes money, and gives love to her family and in return for this all she wants is respect; sounds kinda simple to me. I think we all, especially women, want this and for me working out at the gym is another area that I’m working towards gaining that admiration.

I have been working out at the gym now going on three months. I’m one of just a couple of women that lift weights and I am only one of two women, my friend Tammi being the second, who lifts free weights. Perhaps there are others but I don’t see them. So needless to say, I’m pumping iron with the “Big Boys” and trust me some of them are big and lifting hard and heavy.

Today I was getting all of my equipment set-up for my workout and one of the regulars there came to me and said that “I was one of the hardest working women in the gym, and one of the hardest working people there too” I was so thrilled with this compliment. I know I workout hard and at this point I don’t even think about people watching but the fact that this big, beefy, monster weight lifting man, noticed how hard I worked out made me feel darn big in my britches!
Eat your heart Aretha, I got me some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!


Randi said...

I'm new to your blog (found it through phit-n-phat). And I must say I am IMPRESSED! First I checked out your pictures and girl you are ripped! Love the back! Second, this blog in particular was great inspiration. Yeah we might feel a little goofy working out with the big men instead doing pilates with the women but getting a comment like that erases everything else. Way to go!

Kathleen said...

Thanks Randi, I have been a PNP girl for almost 5 months now. Love, love love it.
I'm glad you found my blog and like my writings. I try to write daily and take pictures monthly.
Hope you are successful with your journey as well.