Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Webster’s dictionary defines procrastination as the postponing of what one should be doing or needlessly delaying.

It is very easy for us to fall into this trap when we want to become healthy and fit or worse when we have started our journey and have a slip up. Most of us can find any reason not to get to the gym or an excuse for not making a healthy dinner. The kids have activities, I’m too tired, and I’ll start the regime tomorrow. The list goes on and on. However, I can almost guarantee that when these justifications come up that some amount of TV watching was done or web surfing instead of physical activities or healthy meal planning.

Why is it that we want so much to have healthy fit bodies but we aren’t willing to put into them the time that is necessary. If we work at it each day and make it a priority just as we would going to work then it becomes a part of us and we would never dream of delaying it.

Napoleon Hill wrote: “Don’t wait, the time will never be just right” but I can guarantee you that today will be better than tomorrow.

Get up, lace up and get out there today!

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Ross Cornwell said...


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