Thursday, August 9, 2007

Adventures in Pop Tarts (cont)

Well here I am three days later after my Pop Tart trials and I'm happy and relieved to say that the four pounds gained are now gone.

It does bring me to another thought, especially after a couple of the comments I have had from people.

1. Why did I eat not one but four. I can honestly say I believe I was hungry. It had been hot and muggy and I didn't want to cook. It was 9 at night and I was tired. So instead of taking an apple with some PB or grapes and some yogurt, they were all in the house, I just grabbed the closest easiest thing. I'm sure after the first pack they then just tasted good and as with any type of addict, one just wasn't enough.

2. Even though I have lost this weight I still have "fat girl" thinking. I was in such a panic about those four pounds that I was sure that I was doomed for another month to get it off.

My PT told me that this was just carby junk in my system and that by getting right back on track the next meal, or day in my case, that my body would adjust back to normal and sure enough it did.

We have to remember that losing the weight and going through the motions is really the easy part of this. It is the mental change that we need to work on that will take longer. We need to remember that we have all the right tools to do what is necessary and it is only a matter of using them or not that allows us to fail or drives us closer to success.

I know I'm on another road at this point and don't know if the road will ever end. However, I do know that I have the ability triumph and so do you.


Dawn said...

Kathleen - I am glad for you that you are over your poptart moment and the scale is back down. I know that makes you feel so much better. This is such a long journey and one just wonders if they will ever triumph over it. Only time will tell. Regardless, you have done an amazing job and have so much to be proud of. - Dawn

gingersfit said...

Kathleen -- what's best about the whole 'adventure' is that you learn from those kinds of situations that they aren't the end of the world and won't completely detour you unless you let them.

I noticed one thing in your post that reminds me ... when you said something about grabbing some grapes or an apple. I think I eat a lot when I'm actually thirsty. PopTarts are nice and dry and you probably ate more of them because they weren't satisfying the feeling you had. If you had the banana or apple, the moisture and water in them would have helped satisfy quicker.

I'm a self-confessed chronically dehydrated person, so that's my challenge ... eating when I'm really just thirsty!

And, I posted a new pic like you suggested -- and WOW does 20 pounds make a difference! My belly is really shrinking and the butt's even a little less "out there"!