Friday, August 17, 2007

Frog in a pond

A frog was born at the bottom of a small circular well. He lived there with his family, content in the water swimming around that little well. He thought life could not be any better.
One day he looked up and noticed light at the top of the well. He became curious and SLOWLY climbed up the well. When he got to the top he carefully looked out over the ledge and what did he see, a pond! He couldn't believe it. This was 1000 times bigger than the well. He ventured further and saw a lake and was just amazed. As he continued his journey he came to the ocean. Everywhere he looked all he could see was water. As he thought back about his prior life in the little well he began to realize how limited his thinking had been.

Our journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle is like this little frog. So often we are content in our current life when all of a sudden we see a light. That light might be a doctor saying we need to become healthier, the death of a loved one, the fact that we cannot play with our children or a friend who has turned their life into a healthier and more active one. As we continue along our journey and see how much more we have instore or how many more things we are capable of we realize how sad it is that it took us so long to make this change.

Therefore, we need to go a bit further than we have gone before, dream a little bigger and look over the edge and out into the horizon at the big ocean that we learn to swim.

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