Friday, August 3, 2007

I have reached a goal

If you have followed me for a while you will know that I'm on a healthy and fit lifestyle transformation. I started this in January, as don't we all, in the effort to lose some of the dreaded weight that appeared over time. I also will turn 40 in February of 08 and certainly wanted to be better off then than I was at 39, again, don't we all.

I started Weight Watchers January 18 and yesterday, the 2nd of August finally reached my goal. The last month has been horrible, up a 2 pounds, down a pound, up one pound, down .5. Last week was the worst, I hopped on the scale, feeling all skinny, when the receptionist told me I had GAINED 3 lbs. I about cried. How could this be, I eat everything right, not one unhealthy calorie, not one splurge. I run three days a week and lift weights three days a week. Each exercise session burning anywhere from 500-700 calories. (via a Polar HRM)

After pulling myself together, I had a chat with the leader who encouraged me to eat more. Now figure that one out! I then talked with my PT who also suggested that I eat more. So holding onto only the fact that things really couldn't get worse, I chowed and I chowed some more. I stayed with my normal regimen and just increased the food. Yesterday when I stepped on the scale I had lost 7.4 pounds! I again about cried.

I'm so excited about this and feel so empowered. My next goal is to be a WW leader. I want to teach and help others overcome what I have. I want them to know how great life can be and how we can be healthy and fit for family and more importantly for ourselves. I'm excited about what I can bring to the table to WW and the additional information that I will learn from them. So, if you are ever in the NE Indiana area, look me up and perhaps we will see each other at a meeting.

You too can reach your goals, never give up.


gingersfit said...

What a great story! I have loved reading about your journey, even though I started with the goal and moved backwards!

You have changed your life in a very positive way! I'm on my journey now, too, and seeing you at your goal inspires me to believe I can make mine, too.

I LOVE my heart rate monitor -- what a great discipline and motivational tool. I can't believe I was ever such a couch potato because I feel so good now being active.

Thanks for sharing and I KNOW you'll be a great leader because you have struggled and won! My goal is to hit lifetime and also become a leader because I see so many people so discouraged about their weight and I want to share with them the power they have to change that!

Thanks again for posting -- I'll be watching for more!

Dawn said...


Again, I am so proud of you and so excited for you. You reached an amazing goal that so many strive for and loose their way. You will be an awesome WW leader. The lucky ones will come to your meeting. Keep reaching for those goals and getting in even better shape. The world awaits a fit and healthy 40 year old Kathleen!!