Sunday, August 12, 2007

And the Results are In

Well here it is 12 hours since I finished my 1st 5K race. I'm sitting here at the computer, first 20 oz of water already having been consumed and about ready to start on some coffee.

My body, well, it is feeling the extra stress that it handled yesterday. I'm sure most of it is just some stressed and tense muscles and nothing more.

The weather was so hot about 85+ degrees and 60% humidity. I was good during the day with feeding my body some extra carbs and hydrating well. I met my friend at the location early for registration and although we arrived quite early it was good to have all of that done and some time to walk around, warm up and use the ladies room a couple time. It is amazing how I needed to use it even though I had not had water two hours prior. Talk about pre-event jitters.

It was a gun shot start with everyone starting at once and we were off. Down the road about 1/8 of a mile, turn left and keep on running until the cone turn around and repeat. A water stop was provided about half way coming and returning and was a welcomed refreshment.

We were able to complete the first half running the entire way but on the return we walked a couple of times. I was disappointed in that, but my goal was to just complete the race and I did. I completed it in 36 minutes and 18 seconds and was fourth in my age class. I have no clue how many were in the age class, there could have been just four, but it sounds good and makes me feel like a champ! The time was the best I have ever done and I certainly am thrilled about that.

The sense of accomplishment and pride I have regarding this even is almost indescribable. The discipline, will and desire to complete this goal is what it is about. Any one can do something if they put the goal in front of them daily and focus on it completely and entirely.

I challenge each and everyone of you to find a goal, make it something that you think is not something you could do. It doesn't have to be a 5K, it could be walking around that block, learning a foreign language or patching up a broken relationship. Set up a plan for obtaining that goal and work on it until you have accomplished it.

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gingersfit said...

Kathleen, I loved hearing about your accomplishment! Even with some walking included, you had a great time (clock and fun!). I'm glad you felt it was successful and I hope you aren't too sore tomorrow! :)