Friday, August 10, 2007

The Race is On!

Many of you may know that I’m running a 5K. It is my first 5K race and I’m so nervous and yet excited at the same time.

It was only six weeks ago that I started the Couch to 5K program (C25K) and for a person that probably couldn’t run 100 yards, running 3.1 miles seems like a marathon.

I’m proud of myself! You know that is something that is hard for me to say and to share. I’m not a prideful individual and have never been one to gloat or revel in my successes. However, as I continue on this journey I’m realizing that I should not be ashamed of where I was or where I am now. I have worked hard for this body and this fitness level. I have dedicated myself to me. Is that wrong? I don’t think so and neither should you.

So, tomorrow at 7pm EST, if you think about it, send some strong winds my direction and give me a shout-out for completing an ambition that was only a dream a few short weeks ago.
Don’t forget that you too should be proud of all of the accomplishments that you have done during your journey no matter how large or small. Stand up and take pride in your progress.

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gingersfit said...

OK< It's 6:43 pm EST and I'm thinking about you! I imagine you're warming up and probably feeling a LOT of butterflies about now! And, I'm hoping you're feeling proud of how you've made the choice to be as healthy as you have control over.

I look forward to hearing -- not how you did -- but how you feel at accomplishing what you thought was an impossible task!