Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Precious Time

Today was my son's first day of schoold. I can't believe how fast time goes by. It just seems that a few months ago he was starting first grade. I have that picture still, you know, the one with two top and one bottom tooth missing. How precious.

So many times we tell ourselves and others that we cannot fit exercise into our life due to time constraints. As our children grow they are involved in more activities and our lives are spent as taxi drivers more times than not. However, we can't let time dictate our life and control us. How much time do we spend in the evening chatting on the phone, watching TV, or surfing the internet? Lots I bet, especially if we were to actually tally it up.

We can enjoy these other aspects of down time but only after we take care of ourselves first. The next time you are sitting at a child's sporting event take some time to walk around the parking lot. Tossing a pair of dumbbells or resistance bands in your car and voila, instant gym. Grab another one of the other parents and before you know it you will have your own little fitness network. You can even ask each person to come up with a new activity and that will keep the variety alive and well.

Time is important and if we want to live long and healthy lives and even extend the amount of time we have on this earth, then watching how we spend our time is key.

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gingersfit said...

Geez Kathleen ... could we be more alike??? :) (I'm 41 by the way -- we're even in the same age range!)

I hate all those excuses for not exercising, too. Kids, jobs, obligations, no time, blah, blah, blah.

I've got three kids and you're right -- you think you're busy when they're little and you look forward to them growing up, but then they all get into their activities and you are Taxi Mom. Not that one is better or tougher than the other, life with kids is just always going to be a challenge.

My kids are 8, 13 and 16(girl). The boys are both signed up for fall ball (baseball) and you can bet I will be doing some serious hiking around that park! I might even embarress them with my resistance bands.

My daughter is band captain this year, (and I will NOT miss games) so there goes that bellydancing class I wanted to take on Saturday mornings. Oh, well, I think we'll ride bikes to the home games this year rather than driving the van the mile it takes to get there and then fighting for parking.

I also have a full-time job. So, I exercise at 5:30 in the morning at the gym and get myself to work by 7:30. I also have other obligations (to others and myself), so preparing healthy food and getting some exercise is ALWAYS a challenge!

But, hey, I'm doing this for me, for my life and I'm NOT going to make excuses for why I can't be successful at it! An excuse is just a way of letting yourself down and not feeling so bad about it.

Since my goal is to be a WW leader, too, there's one more way I think we are alike. We'll both have a challenge of being diplomatic with whiners!!! :)