Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Adventures in Pop Tarts

I have a confession to make, not only am I a self professed scale aholic but I’m also a Pop Tart binger.

Sunday was a horrible day for me. It has been hot and sticky and we have no A/C. It was about 90+ degrees and about 70% humidity. I completed one of my last runs before my race at 1pm and had not consumed much in the way of food due to the heat.

I finished my run, went to the grocery store afterwards, came home, fixed a healthy lunch and surprisingly enough a healthy dinner. However, as evening approached my body started calling out to the fact that it had not been fed properly; properly in the terms of eating every two to three hours and having veggie or fruit with each snack/meal. So at 9pm at night I was scrounging around the house trying to find something to eat that required little to no preparation and to what would my wondering eyes appear but box of Pop Tarts!

Now, these are not staples our house but Granny gave them to DS as a treat and who am I to refuse an 80 year old little lady in giving her GS some treats right. I mean, I had ignored them for several days. However, they called to me and called loudly, I confess to you all, I ate not one but four, yes four of these horrible cardboard tasting, nutritionally devoid things.

You do not want to know what the scale said the following day. It was enough to throw me into a breakdown. Now, I will say, that I didn’t gain 4 lbs of fat, but the scale did show a gain and that was enough for me. I knew for sure that I would not be able to get this off…

Stay tuned for part two.


Kerry said...

Kathleen - First, congratulations on reaching your goal!!!! Awesome.

Second, I love PopTarts! I don't have them often, but every once in awhile they do call my name. And I think they are only something like 200-250 calories a piece? So if you ate 4 which you probably will not do again for another 10 years you consumed maybe close to 1000 calories. That is a blip and nothing to worry about, honey. You were probably up the next day as much from the heat and the race as the poptarts.

I think the better question to ask is why you ate 4. Was it becasue you were hungry or was it because you said to yourself that this was probably the last poptart you would ever, ever eat so you might as well so you might as well have another?

If it was because you were hungry then good...your "full" mechanism just didn't kick in and you'll do better next time. If it was because you were playing mental all or nothing games that you are never going to eat "bad" foods like poptarts ever again then you (as we all do) need to work on that all or nothing mindset. Maintaining your weight loss will include the occassional poptart, cheesecake, etc. and without guilt.

Anyway, congratulations on achieving your goal! You have worked so hard!!!!

gingersfit said...


Thanks for the nice comments on my blog ... yes, I need to take some new pictures thank God!!! :)

Tonight at my WW weigh-in, I hit the 10% goal and hit exactly 20 pounds!!! I can't TELL you how good that feels!

And, as an added bonus, hubby hit his 10% mark and 30 pounds. We started this together 9 weeks ago.

I'm a Polar HRM fan, too, and I attribute a lot of my success to using it to work out at the level I need to (not necessarily want to).

Actually, your blog was what got me started ... I first saw the link on the WW boards.

Thanks for being honest and open and sharing your pics and trials with us ...

You go girl!

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