Sunday, May 27, 2007

Are you just trying?

So many times we use the phrase, "I'm trying" or "I'll try to". In saying those words we are allowing ourselves and easy out, in that, just because we tried it must be okay. However, we should be telling people I do have the ability to complete this or I will do that or I do not want to have the Supersize Meal. Make it into a statement that convinces ourselves that the outcome will be positive.

We don't need to just "try" and make good food choices or try to excercise. We do need to choose to have healthy food in our house by making good decisions at the grocery store and we do have those same choices when we are out to eat. We also can exercise. We don't need a gym or a personal trainer to do extra activities. We can go for a walk around our neighborhood, we can walk around a track at a local school, we can take our kids into our arms and dance or if they are too heavy dance with them. They will love it if we act crazy and at the same time they are getting in some activity too.

So in the words of Yoda (We all know it is the Star Wars 30th anniversary right):

"Do or Do not, There is no Try" I know you will choose DO!

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