Wednesday, May 23, 2007

_ _ _ _ Happens!

Hold on a minute there, why don’t I fill in that blank for you. I really meant it to say LIFE HAPPENS and it happens to all of us everyday.

The unfortunate part about this is that we can’t really control life and what happens to us or what it brings our way. We are just part of it and have to learn to roll with the punches.

Last week was my son’s 13th birthday. A big one as he is now officially a teenager and along with his birthday came the normal cake and special dinner that I’m sure most of us do for our family. My son helped make his birthday cake the night before and was most proud of his efforts. Now at 13, getting a child to do anything is an accomplishment and the fact that he was actually eager to participate was something I certainly grabbed onto.

When it was time to eat the cake he was so anxious to give me a piece and to ask me my opinion that he sacrificed his first piece and gave it to me. I had a choice at this point. One, decline the cake and crush him but be victorious in my efforts or two, accept the piece graciously and ask for a small piece and tell him how wonderful it was and build him up, while at the same time making a poor choice on food. What do you think I did, what would you do?

I took that piece of cake, thanked him graciously and savored every single bit of it, even licking the plate with frosting (sorry but it was really good). He was so proud that I loved it and that was worth every calorie in it. I only have a few more years of these opportunities and then they will be gone. What is a few more pieces of cake if it is once a year.

Prepare yourself for this as it will happen. Know what you will do before hand and don’t agonize about it after you have made your decision. Embrace life and the changes that it brings and relish the special opportunities that you get with your family and friends…. In the end Life Happens and I want to be part of it.

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Mary said...

You're a good mom! A few extra steps each day this week and those calories will be long gone but your choice will stay with him forever.