Monday, May 28, 2007

Its a holiday right?

So we are entitled to a free for all right. I like that thought of thinking. I mean after all how many holidays do we have in a year? Lots if you think about. We celebrate our lives with food. Food for a good grade, food because we had a bad day, food because it is Christmas, Mother’s Day, 4th of July or the many other ones that fall somewhere between January and December.

Each of these instances and the food that is before us is an instant gratification. We have to be careful as the instant gratification that we have during that moment will linger with us into the next day which, more than likely is not a holiday.
It is very easy to allow ourselves the freedom to eat what ever we want, whenever we want because it is just there and we give ourselves an excuse. Now, once in a great while this is okay because I certainly believe in having a “treat”. In fact, I wrote about my son’s birthday a few days ago. However, I can’t afford to be doing pieces of cake or pizza on a weekly basis or before I know it I will be slipping back into the old routine and back right where I started. We need to plan these special occasions into our lives and since we have so many things that revolve around food at times not partake in them and continue eating and exercising in a healthy way. We need to look past the moment and think of the consequence as the decision we make today will affect us tomorrow.So, since it is a holiday we have the

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