Thursday, May 24, 2007

Expect Lapses?

Now, how on earth could she tell me this you’re thinking? Of course I am. No one is perfect. Only one Man gets to claim that, sorry. But just because you lapse doesn’t mean you need to col-lapse. What is the difference you ask?

According to Webster; lapse is an accidental or TEMPORARY decline or deviation from an expected or accepted condition or state; something that can be recovered from. However, collapse is to disintegrate, cave in or worse yet, complete failure and end.

This new way of life will at some time become exactly that a way of life and normal. However, until then, we are bound to slip up now and then and loose a battle. We just don’t need to dwell on it. We need to try and figure out why we had a lapse and find a plan to get back on track so as to win the war!

Just because we have a “screwed” up moment in our decisions doesn’t mean that we ourselves are “screw-ups” or failures by any means.
When I was growing up and went to Bible school, we were told: “God doesn’t make junk” and you know what, He was right!

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