Saturday, May 19, 2007

Two Different Skinnies

I had quite a revelation last night when I went shopping. I decided that new workout clothes were in order. Now I will admit that shopping is not my forte or something that I enjoy or take pleasure in. However, I was hoping that with my physical transformation would come a mental transformation.

I’ve never considered myself attractive and with that, the choosing of clothing has just been a necessity. I’m sure some of this is personality and some of it is how I was raised and some of it has just been the fact that I didn’t like the way I look.

As I continue to become fitter, healthier and thinner, more and more people are telling me to buy new clothes, show a little more skin and be proud of my hard work and fit body that is emerging. But when I look in the mirror I still see the same person. Yes, my clothes are loser and yes I know I’ve lost weight. My workout clothes almost need suspenders to keep them up :)

It is apparent to me that the task of transforming myself physically will be much easier than the mental transformation. I’m not sure when or how I will have the epiphany but it is part of the transformation and one that I know I will need to put effort into as well.

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