Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hey I'm Learning a New Language

Today's message is inspired by my "Little Nikki" as I affectionately christened her.

During the course of my journey I have started to learn a new language and it is more important than Spanish :) If I want to be victorious I will have to learn to order items from a menu that does not contribute to my health and well being. Many restaurants are starting to cater to my way of thinking but most do not and especially when it comes to a fast food place. I mean, let's be realistic, we will eventually need to "drive through" some place for food.

Learning a new language takes time, patience and most importantly practice. When I was learning to speak Spanish I had to be forced to practice, practice, practice. Not fun, but necessary. When we are learning to order foods we have to learn new phrases and words and practice them so that they become part of our normal word useage and we associate items or actions with those words.

For example, you may have always asked for butter with your veggies, sour cream or gravy for your potato and certainly needed to have your cake too, right. Now, I am learning to ask for "steamed" veggies, "no sauce please" and for desert some "fresh fruit" or maybe "No thank you" for desert.

So, right now while you are thinking about it, write out what your new words are that you will learn to use during this process and put into your vocabulary going forward. I bet I can guess what my Little Nikki's will be.... "Fresco Style please.

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