Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Hare and the Tortise

Another story folks and a good one. We have all heard the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. We know that the hare shoots out of the starting gate confident that he will win the race. However, along the path he is sidetracked and becomes unfocused. The Tortoise, however, plugs along at his slow but deliberate pace and ultimately wins the race.

My challenge is like this right now. I have lots of "hares" around me. All telling me how they are doing this or that and the pounds just falling right off them. However, as I sit back and ponder, I wonder what diversions are they really going through and what are they learning. I mean anyone can sprint but how many people can do a cross country race. Up a hill, down a hill, through a puddle?

I feel as I'm plodding along, although taking this journey at a snails pace or turtle's pace, that I'm enjoying the scenery and learning how to navigate the obstacles of the cross country course. I'm learning about new foods, new ways to cook and learning about how my body handles each of these new experiences. Really in the end does it matter who finishes the race first or does it matter more of the life's lessons that we have learned? After all, both the Hare and the Tortise did finish the race, right?

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