Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Where is your Union card?

Now, before I start this, if anyone belongs to a Union this is NOT meant to be offensive to them so please don't take it as such.

A Union of workers can be a good thing in that they join together for the better of the whole and show a united front to a company. However, a Union, in my opinion, can also be a difficult place to be if you are an individual and want to stand out and shine because everyone is treated the same.

Our society is like a Union of sorts. Most of America is told to eat this, don't eat that, Supersize this or that and by all means don't work harder just get the remote. For those of us that are trying to build a healthy lifestyle this type of atmosphere can become a place of sabotage and impair our abilities to be unique and exclusive. We need to know that we can be different from the world as a whole and still be successful. That we can chose healthy foods and be active and live a full live.

I've decided to turn in my Union card; do you still have yours in your pocket?

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