Sunday, May 13, 2007

Physics and health?

Physics now weighs in on the weight loss and fitness journey.

I was thinking today as I got prepared to write, why I am so concerned about all this food and exercise. I guess in short; I have a goal. I’m not really sure what they goal is at this point I suppose I have several. One just to be healthier I have never had a problem with high blood pressure, or diabetes or things like that but have always felt I could be healthier. Two, I just want to look better and feel better about myself. Who doesn’t right?

To me it is sort of like the Law of Gravity. What goes up must come down. We have all learned or heard this saying and know that if we throw up a ball that for certain, unless caught in a tree, it will come down and even if caught in a tree, eventually will come down. We can count on it, no two ways about it.

So, if the above is my goals and yours too, we have to remember that everything put into my body will either get me closer to or further away from those goals, when I make a food choice or if I choose to exercise or not, those choices will move me in one direction or another. My question every time now is; What will this choice do?

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