Monday, May 7, 2007

Diamond in the Rough

I bet you thought you would never see a little science lesson on a fitness and weight loss blog did ya?
Diamonds are one of the world's most precious gems. The word diamond comes from a Greek word, "adamus", which means invincible. This is because diamonds are the hardest minerals in the world. They are 1000 times harder than rubies or sapphires. Not even the most powerful acids can harm a diamond's surface.
Now, I'm not going to get real technical but in short, diamonds are made from coal or just plain old lead that undergoes extreme heat and pressure and after a VERY long time out comes this beautiful gem that the world pays thousands and thousands of dollars for and are very rare.
Here comes the thread that will tie this all together, we are diamonds in the rough. When we start this journey, we are sorta dirty and coal like and not very pretty. Perhaps our eating is unclean and our bodies are kinda polluted and both on the inside and out.
After we put ourselves through some extreme pressures with eating right and exercise and time; remember, time is one of the most important elements in the diamond formation, we come out the other side being invincible. Invincible in that were not conquered by the pressures and heat of the outside world and the temptations around us, unshakable in our determinations to make it through the struggles that are around us daily.
I know that each person that is on this journey is truly a diamond in the rough and diamonds really are invincible!


Kerry said...

Kathleen - I really like this analogy. It is a very strong image.

Nichole said...

Great point! I like it!