Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Self-Confidence – confidence in yourself and your own abilities.

Do you think this is something we are born with or something that must be sown and nurtured? I’m not really sure what I think but I do know that without self-confidence that this journey can be tough.

How many times have you said to yourself that you were going to eat right, exercise and lose this weight once and for all? I myself, cannot even count how many times I have had this conversation with myself and I believe that the lack of self-confidence was the part that was missing.

I did not believe in myself or perhaps I didn't think myself as worthy and as soon as I started or shortly there after I would stop and give up or the routine would just gently fade away. This time is different and I don’t know where it came. I think some of it is the support that I’m receiving from my trainer and the faith and belief that I can and will complete this journey.

Look within yourself and others around you for support and conviction until this seed of self-confidence has taken root and takes over your life, it is at that point that will be able to harvest it and help others.

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