Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby Steps

If you have ever watched the movie, "What about Bob" you will understand this concept completely. In the movie a very neurotic Bill Murray goes to a psychiatrist and needs helps with just about every aspect of his life. The smart psychiatrist gives the patient a copy of his book and tells him that he needs to take "baby steps" Baby step to the door, baby step to the elevator. With this approach the man is able to go through his daily life's activities.

With this thought in mind, we need to approach our life style changes. We cannot change our diet, our exercise plan, our family, our thoughts all in one felled swoop. We need to look at each aspect and take it a "baby step" at a time. After we conquer one portion we can baby step to the next and slay that dragon. Before you know it the entire process will seem natural and success will be ours.

This thought is written especially to and for my friend Tammi who is beginning her own Phit and Phabulous transformation. I know it can be a bit scary but we will "Baby Step" through it together.

What is your next baby step?

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tammi said...

I am scared to DEATH!! I have done this so many times before and have reverted back to my old bad habits. You're right it is going to take baby steps and a good friend to help me. Thanks for being that friend!!!!