Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is support really important

I tend to be a VERY and emphasis on VERY independent woman. I don't ask my husband to help with many things and I carry my cross with pride. Now, I'm not saying that this is a good thing all the way around.
I was reading a fellow Phit-n-Phat woman's blog the other day and she talked about how nice her husband was in supporting her during the Easter weekend and the difficulties that she would be facing. As I read this I started to think how important support is during this journey.
We need people to surround us who understand our fitness and eating goals and if they don't understand it to at least help us stay on track and ward off any people who may want to sabotage our efforts. Just as a recovering alcoholic or drug addict has sponsors. We too need sponsors or people in our lives to help us to reach and ascertain our goals.
So with this in mind. Reach out to people around you and ask for their support. Explain to them what you are wanting to do and ask them to help. I know I will be. Starting tonight when I get home!

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