Monday, April 9, 2007

Give them good food and they will come (or eat it)

So many times we say. "My kids won't eat this, my kids won't eat that", so instead we buy junk food. Pop tarts, poor nutrional granola bars, sweet cereal and you name it.
However, I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that as I'm weaning myself off of the poor nutritional food and substituting it with healthy food, that my son and yes, even DH are eating it right along with me. Sometimes, even telling me we are out of it.
I couldn't understand how on earth all my yogurt, bananas, apples, protien bars, nuts, etc. were disappearing so quickly. Because I knew that I wasn't eating them. Then the other day DS came and said, "mom we need more almonds and bananas". I about fell out of the chair. Now; one I know where my food is going and two, if I feed him good food and have it available for him, he will eat it.
Happy eating

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