Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rest for the weary?

Today is supposed to be my leg workout day and for some strange reason I'm just extremely tired. I have wavered back and forth trying to decide if I go and do a half _ SS job at the workout or "wimp out".
I've been working hard on this exercise program for the last 8 weeks and my most recent measurements showed this in that during the month of March I lost 11 inches. I should be happy about that right? Then why do I feel so down today both emotionally and physically?
I think that during a journey such as this that we have to really learn to listen to our bodies and when they are speaking take the advice. So, with that said, I have decided to let my body have a day of rest and see how I feel tomorrow. The weights and machines will still be there and I will probably have a better workout for it.


Rho said...

Wow, Kathleen. You have made such a change in the last month! You are looking so good!!!! Congratulations and keep all the hard work.

Kathleen said...

Thanks Rho, it has been hard work but rewarding too as I know that you are well aware.