Thursday, April 5, 2007

Water...Liquid Life

Water, it makes up 70-75% of our total body weight and is important for every function of our body, from hydration, lubrication and body temperature maintenance. A human can go many days without food but only a few days without water. So why then do we insist on quenching our bodies with sugary drinks, caffeines or other drinks?
I started thinking about this today, when I was trying to pinpoint why I had not been feeling up to parr for the last few days. I re-read my food diaries and everything seemed to be spot on. Then I really started to think about the water I had been drinking or NOT drinking over the last few days.
It started on Monday after my workout. I normally take a bottle of water with me and drink 20 oz during my workout and fill it again and have it gone before I leave, drinking about 40 oz in an hour. That day I only drank 20 oz during my workout and didn't have any the rest of the evening. Tuesday was no better. Twenty ounces during my cardio and a glass when I got home. Wednesday I worked in a different area at work, was busy and didn't have any water from about 6am until 11am. It is no wonder that I'm suffering a bit at this point as I usually drink anywhere from 64-100 oz per day.
So the next time you are feeling a bit out of sorts don't just look at the food you have or have not eaten, consider what liquid life you are putting into your body and how often then ask yourself. "Where's the water?"

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