Sunday, April 15, 2007

We all fall down but must get back up.

My day yesterday started great but didn't end on such a positive note.
1/2 c EB, 1/2 C oatmeal (4pts)
Of to the gym by 8:15 as DH had to work and I figured it was a good thing to get the workout done. I did the 50 min Intermediate cardio workout and although I did burn as many calories as I have in the past it was still in the high four hundres so not bad.
EAS shake after w/o (2pts)
Of to Walmart for shopping
Lunch: salad greens, tuna, 1T dressing, soy crisps (5.5)
Snack: Hummus, carrots, banana (3.5pts)
I had dinner all planned ready to go. DH comes home and decides he wants hamburgers from the new drive that just opened, it is seasonal. Three times I told him not a problem, I'll cook, started getting ready to cook and no, that is what he wants. So I decided, okay. one burger won't kill me. He comes home with burger, plain and ONION RINGS! What do I do.... eat them, but of course. I have no clue what point value the rest of my day was due to this big whoops! Now, in the middle of the night at about 2am, my tummy is just in turmoils. I even told John. No more fired stuff, the burger would have been fine but I just cannot have that fried food. I'm sure the grease was the killer. So I guess I have to feel sick every now and then to remind myself that I just cannot eat like I used to and it really isn't worth feeling like I will throw-up at 2am.
Back to a normal eating schedule today and I'll be sure to get at least 30 minutes on my NT today to burn that gunk out of my system. Just a little lesson for all. If you have something planned stick with it no matter what. I could have told DH specifically, hamburger only and nothing else. I just didn't think about the fact that he would bring all of that to me and I could have chosen to not eat them too.
Make a conscience choice to eat healthy.

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