Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It really is about a size and not a scale number

Today as I was doing my mid morning walk, it finally dawned on me that this really is about a size or a visual image that I want to see more than a number on a scale. Most of us don't go around with our current weight flashing like a becon on our forhead, right. But, we do look in the mirror and see an image or in essence our size.
Currently, I weigh 178.2 lbs but I'm wearing a size 10 pant. No one sees my weight number but they certainly comment on the fact that I'm loosing weight.
For some strange reason, this time for me, the scale isn't holding a control over me. I figure, if the number moves, it moves. But, those inches gone or a smaller size are like gold. I measure monthly for my trainer and although I love see the pounds go down at my WW meeting, I love even more the inches that are gone from my body.
Remember it is size not a scale number.

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