Monday, April 16, 2007

Lift hard and be proud of your fitness level

Just wanted to let everyone know how my experience was today with the new gym. I really have been fretting about how was I going to do this, by myself, with all these men around grunting and their heavy weights and me crawling on the floor or walking around like a spider. It was rather scary. I will tell you. I think I'm going to be getting some respect and well deserved, if I might add.
My first day was a back and shoulder day. I need to get a camera because with a full length mirror, I got me some muuusscccles! I asked one guy if he could help me with the "Cable Pull Throughs" and he said he had no clue what that was. He kinda watched me and asked me what it was working. I told him I was feeling it in my back area. I lifted 60 lbs too. On my lat pull downs I was lifting 70 and the man before me only had it on 50 and he was in a good shape. I will tell you I bear crawled with pride and pop squatted my _ SS off. When I did my DB I was by the guys lifting big weights and I really pushed it. I'm super proud and if anyone has this feeling of intimidation just put your chin up and chest out and remember you are a Phit n Phat women not a little girl.
Eat healthy and lift hard.

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