Friday, April 27, 2007

Math and Weight Loss

Now I'm sure you have really thought that perhaps this woman has lost her mind. How on earth could these two items have anything in common, other than counting calories "in" versus calories "out" or figuring out how many more oreo cookies you could eat right?
I was talking with a fellow client the other day who was very upset about her choices that day. She said how hard she was on herself and that she really just wanted to snap her fingers and be finished with her weightloss goals.
I think most of America can relate to that, otherwise, the diet industry wouldn't make a killing off us for the pills, potions and lotions that could get us there.
However, I started thinking about my son, now almost 20, and his math classes. Now, Adam, is very smart when it comes to math. He can look at multiple digits and multiply, subtract, add, you name it and come up with the correct answer. All without a piece of paper. However, he would continually "fail" or be marked down for not showing his work. I explained to him, that it wasn't so much the end result that the teacher cared about, but the process and how he got there. Yes, the correct answer was important but if he could show the teacher how he got there then she KNEW that he understood the concept and the error in the answer might just be a silly mistake.
Our weight loss journey and road to a healthy life style is akin to this. Yes, we all want the end result of a size, 8,6,2, 150 lbs, what ever it might be. But the journey or the "showing of the work" is more important. If we truly understand the process and can do it time after time then we have no other alternative than to be sucessful or get the right answer. Taking each day and each choice and really looking at it is important and going slowly will establish the habits needed to be triumphant.
Are you showing your work?

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