Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Fitter I get the hard I have to work

I have done an Intermediate Cardio routine two times in the last week. I'm quickly noticing that the fitter I get the harder I have to work in order maintain or exceed my previous workouts. It is frustrating on the one side as I love hitting that 500+ calorie burn mark and feel if I don't that somehow I just haven't given my all. However, I know, especially on these cardio routines that it isn't about getting that burn calorie burn but what my heart rate is doing. That I see improving greating. When I start I would have an average heart rate in the low 130 mark and the highs maybe in the 150. Now, I'm getting average heart rates in the low to mid 140 and my highs in the 170. This is a good thing. The heart is getting strong and I'm able to sustain my heart rate for a longer period of time.
I think I'm learning that getting fit is one thing but staying there will be another and continuing to challenge my body in new and better ways even another.
Don't forget, your heart is a muscle too. Work it hard.

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