Saturday, April 14, 2007

I am an example for others

I had a very inspiring experience in the gym last night .
I was at the gym tonight and had to complete two 20 min cardio workout from Corinne's Phabulous directory. I was finishing my HIIT routine and was sweating like a pig! A person cannot burn 625 calories in 40 minutes and walk out looking like she is Miss America!
I was getting ready to leave and entered the locker room. A young lady, about my age (see how I say young) asked me if I liked the elliptical. Now, this is a loaded question and I can feel it coming. I love the elliptical because I know what it does for me but ask me at HIIT number 7 with 13 more to go and you may get a different answer. I'm sure you all know what I mean.
I told her as such and she asked what I was doing. Did I program the machine like that, how many calories did I burn, etc. So I started explaining to her about HIIT and of course she came back with the fact that perhaps my HR shouldn't be that high and what about working in the "fat burning" zone, etc. I chatted some more with her and was very proud that I could give some good, factual information. We had the "One pound of muscle does NOT weight more than one pound of fat" conversation as well. She said that she would love to continue to talk with me but that she had to run off to work. I also told her about Corinne and everything that she had done for me and told her I would bring her more information on Monday.
I left feeling very proud. People are watching me as I am working out and I need to be prepared with the knowledge and power to help others in their journey's as well. It was a bit intimidating but felt great at the same time.
Knowledge is power!

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Nichole said...

I know what you mean. I work in accounting for the company I work for, so the other girls and I sit pretty close together. Well, I usually eat at my desk and of course, for the past 3 weeks, they've noticed that I've been eating very healthily. They're all asking questions about what I'm doing and about Corinne and the type of program she's got me on. Well, just this morning, one of the girls brought her workout clothes and said she was going for a walk after work. Good! Now maybe they'll stop bringing donuts to taunt me with! haha.