Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Woman, her scale and hormones

is kinda like Baseball, Hotdogs and apple pie. They just go together right?
Today was my WW night and I went into the night knowing that last yesterday I was up 2 lbs. Now, this could be a moment to cry in my coffee or buck up. I stepped on the scale and to my surprise was only up .4 lbs. This is like two sticks of butter folks. Now, it is two sticks of butter that I would prefer are not there but in the grand scheme of 20 lbs it really isn't that much.

As I sat down to listen to the meeting I started to look at my journal from the past week. I was on target, I exercised perfectly and my only little hiccups were my two weekend night meals. Not too disasterous.

But, my TOM is now 7 days past due (no not preggers either) and besides the daily break down of tears that is brought on by the current events of the VT murders, a son who brought home and F in English and the fact that I forgot to buy dog food, bloated stomach and everything else that goes with it. I'm just fine; really I'm fine. (sob, sob)

I KNOW I'm doing things right and can see it in every post that I write to my PTregarding activity and to the journal that I post all of my food choices. As my PT says, no one gets fat by eating healthy and being active and I have been both for the last week.

So, what do we do to get through these types of let downs. I think, it is just to buck up. As with many things that are negative that happen we have choices to make. Be sad or use the saddness/anger for something good. I'm committing to myself now that the next 7 days will be as healthy as the last 7 have been. I know that this will change and I can't wait to see the huge loss that I will have next week.
Continue to eat healthy and workout hard. The rest will follow.

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