Friday, April 20, 2007

Loving to workout?

This phrase is sort of an oxymoron. Do people really LOVE to workout or do they just do it because they have too. Well before today, I was doing it because I needed to. But today, for some reason, I just really enjoyed my workout. It wasn't due to stress, it wasn't due to knowing I needed to burn extra calories off either. It was a true and real joy as I did it.

Today was my arms and chest workout. Lots of curls with weights, pushups and spider crawls. Yes, spider crawls, don't you remember crawling like a spider at four years of age, well try doing it at 40, well almost 40!

I really valued and respected the feeling of the burn as I did my curls and I felt so empowered as I put down the 12 pound weight and lifted up the 15 and was able to complete my sets with more weight than what I thought I could do. It was rewarding to know that my two arms and two legs could carry me down the hallway as I did my spiderwalk.

As I finished the workout with my cardio and started thinking about the last hour of my time, I realized that I truly to pleasure in this experience today and this for sure is a mental transformation.

Are you loving your workout or just going through the motions?
Eat healthy and stay strong.

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