Friday, April 13, 2007

What is 20 lbs

Last night was my WW weigh night and I'm so excited to report that I have lost 20 lbs. 20.4 lbs to be exact. I made my 10% goal too which was 19 lbs as well.
What would you think if someone asked you to carry around four, five pound bags of flour, or 6+ coffee cans, or how about a 20 lb turkey! What if they told you that you need to lay down on a bed and have those 20 pounds sitting on your chest all night? Would you do it, could you do it?
Many of us are walking around with 20 or more extra pounds on our bodies and putting undue and unnecessary stress on ourselves. Yet, we would never consider taking on the extra burden if someone asked to do it.
What has been my key to success this far, I was asked. My answer really has been simple. Exercise, move, get out and enjoy your kids and your life's surroundings. It doesn't need to be drastic just more than what you are doing now. Also, eat well. Feed your body good things that it needs. Just like you would feed your car and maintain it with proper fuel and oil. Our bodies, need good fruits, vegis, protein and whole grains.
I can guarantee that if you follow these couple of simple requests that you too in a short amount of time will not have that extra sitting on your chest or shoulders.

Be happy and eat healthy.


Rho said...

WTG! You're doing great! Keep it up,Kathleen!!!

Nichole said...

You're doing such an awesome job! Corinne said I'm going to be like you in that I won't see huge losses on the scale for the first 3-4 weeks b/c my body is adjusting, but that I will see inches lost. I'm in the middle of my 3rd week and have only seen a 2lb loss. However, my clothes are fitting looser and I have had 2 comments on my weight loss. So, you inspire me!